The Pin

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The Pin

As the heart of each buckling pin device, the pin’s repeatability, stability and suitability to the ambient conditions are the keys to guarantee the accuracy, consistency and performance of devices.



Alloy material used by RELIABLE is specially customized and heat treated. All materials of pin are suitable for its working condition, and cannot be corroded by environmental factors. What’s more important, material properties of pin customized by RELIABLE is insensitive to environmental change. Environmental influence on bursting pressure can be ignored.  

Raw material will be tested by RELIABLE to get its property on arrival. At least five samples should be chosen for one batch of raw material with the same heat number. All buckling pins that supplied as a lot for the same valve shall be manufactured from a single batch of raw material with the same heat number.

The design of buckling pins includes theoretical calculation and experimental confirmation in three individual tests (as minimum).

The cutting and processing of pins are completed on machines with RELIABLE’s own know-how, which can ensure no rough edge and absolutely flat end of pins. In unit of millimeter, diameter and length accuracy can be controlled to four and three decimal places respectively, to meet the strict requirements on buckling pins.

The following information will be marked by RELIABLE after pin is finished: serial number of a pin, temperature range of a pin, serial number and set pressure of the valve using this pin.

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