Company Philosophy

Based on mature buckling pin technology, Jiangsu Reliable Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is devoted to provide best solutions on pressure relief and emergency shutdown for customers faced with difficult issues. Thanks to an experienced team, long term study and conclusion of buckling pin technology, constantly technological innovation and repeated experiments and verification, RELIABLE has established a new performance benchmark for buckling pin valve and provided customers with solutions beyond their expectations.

Choose as our brand is a strategic decision, with the aim of keeping the core idea of enterprise throughout the company, in order to make our company stronger and more united. Since the establishment of company, RELIABLE sets “RELIABILITY FIRST” as the core code of conduct and implements it through products design, manufacture and test completely.

Management System

RELIABLE has been focusing on product quality and reliability, all operations and production are strictly enforced and controlled by ASME certified quality management system, at present, RELIABLE has passed the ASME UD certification. Every step of RELIABLE's order processing, strictly complies with the quality control manual of ASME standard preparation. More importantly, RELIABLE put great care and attention to products for every detail, every link, this is the key RELIABLE can offer the highest quality and optimal performance devices.

RELIABLE has set up a professional pressure test platform for buckling pin devices,ultrasonic testing, penetration detection, magnetic powder detection and other nondestructive testing equipment have been also configured. With these facilities, RELIABLE can carry out all the tests of the buckling pin devices required by ASME, API and ISO standards.

Research and Development

In addition, RELIABLE established the first research and development center of buckling pin pressure relief system in China. It has a team of 3 doctors and 3 masters currently. In order to provide the most reliable products for customers, our experts at RELIABLE are making continuous effort on both research and development. Before putting any product into use, a systematic test will be carried out on it through theoretical analysis, computational simulation and experimental test:

● Suitability of raw materials (inspections on compositions and properties of materials)

● Machining technology of components (to satisfy a higher demand on accuracy)

● Optimum design on the structure of products (3D solid modeling and dynamic simulations)

● Influence of both pressure and temperature on strength, rigidity and performance of products (finite element analysis)

● Hydrodynamic behavior of products (computational fluids dynamics analysis)

● Operation of buckling pin (continuum mechanics prediction and experimental testing)

● Tribological property between different components (experimental inspections)

● Materials, design and performance evaluation of sealing contacts (theoretical calculation and experimental analysis)

Our research personnel have made full preparation to provide best solutions on pressure relief and emergency shutdown for customer.

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