Establish a new performance benchmark

Our products set new benchmark for the performance of buckling pin valves

Based on our long dedication to bucking pin technology and continuous improvement of internal processes and repeated test and verification, Jiangsu RELIABLE’s products set new benchmark for the performance of buckling pin valves.

For example, the buckling pin relief device for low pressure service has always been a challenge for all the manufactures because the force created by the service medium is really limited. Thanks to the effort of the R&D team of RELIABLE, RELIABLE can supply buckling pin device with set pressure low to 3 kPa.

Moreover, the accuracy of RELIABLE’s low pressure buckling device is much better than competitor’s. In the beginning of 2015, RELIABLE ever performed a comparative test. The set pressure of all the valves is 16.5 kPa, and two burst tests were conducted for each valve. The test results were summarized in the following chart:


It is obvious that the accuracy of RELIABLE’s buckling pin devices is much better than that of competitor’s. For more information, please contact RELIABLE.

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